Making objects move together?

I’m trying to see if its possible to synchronize two objects together and make them move when the player interacts with them. For example, if the character kicked a box and that box was attached to a second box right next to it, they both would go flying off and land in the same position, the same distance apart as when they started.

My only issue right now is getting the two boxes attached so that they move together when interacted with.

I’m still pretty new to UE4 but I know my way fairly well around blueprint and wouldn’t be opposed to learning C++ to get this to work.

Have you tried the “Attach To” node in blueprints?

Yes, the best I could do so far is use the Attach To Actor node and use two actor variables, one for the original cube and one for the cube that is supposed to attach, to plug into the target and parent actor nodes.
The original cube I’ve got plugged into the parent actor and the secondary into the target.
All I’m getting back is whenever i move into the hit box of the original cube, the second one disappears.