Making Niagara particles fade out when they get killed?

I want to do one of two things with Niagara particles.

  • How do I make the particles collide with an invisible plane (preferably cylinder shaped) instead of killing them. (because they disappear instantly when killed, which is what I don’t want)


  • Making particles fade out instead of instantly disappearing when killed.

What kills them? If it’s age, just set the color fade at the end of the lifetime to go towards alpha 0.
If some event kills them, perhaps you can make that event kill the original particle, but spawn a new particle (in a different emitter) that fades out quickly and then in turn dies?

There’s a “Kill Particles in Volume” module in particle update. And the particle lifetime is 10 seconds. (they usually die before they can even exist for 10 seconds)


In that case, what I would try (and I’m not a Niagara wizard) is to spawn a new particle when they die, in a new emitter, and have that one fade out. It has to use the same renderer/size/shape settings, of course.

set pooling method to “auto” or “manual” in the spawner (if you’re using niagara)

  1. How to make particle collide with a shape :
    Needs some custom implementation, but you can check if a particle is within a cylinder sdf, and if it’s not, resolve the penetration and mirror the velocity vector around the sdf gradient.

  2. How the make particles fade instead of disappearing instantly.
    Also needs custom implementation.
    I would add a module at the end of the stack checking if the alive parameter has been changed. Set a parameter to remember this happened, and manually force alive back to true.
    Then you can run whatever timer you want and manually set alive to false once you are ready to let the particle die