Making NavMesh cross empty space

Good day. I have a question about navigation meshes in a very specific scenario. I have two ‘floors’, separated by a gap, with a navigation mesh over both floors, like so:

I notice that using ‘Simple Move To Location’ on my character controller, which is on the ‘left’ floor, to a point on the ‘right’ floor does cause the character to attempt to move to the target location, but the character stops. What I need for my game is two things:

  1. The ability for my character to try to walk across the gap, and fall off the floor, and
  2. The ability for my character to jump across the gap.

Does NavMesh support these two options?


Yes it does! :smiley:

It’s called Nav Link Proxy. You can mark ledges, mesh blocked space (like doors) or simple gaps to show the AI that there is a way around there.

Here is a tutorial series covering this and a few more very interesting things about AI, nav mesh and how to work with them.

I hope this helps :)


Take a look at this Epic wiki page: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums1-_Making_AI_Jump_as_a_Part_of_Path_Following or this blog: (same article).