Making line trace weapon always shoot to reticle?

Hello. So I have an automatic line trace weapon which starts from the gun, however my shots don’t go right to the reticle location. From a distance it shoots too high and when I’m close to an object the shots hit too low. How would I get my shots to always fire where the reticle is aiming regardless of the distance? I also have my reticle set at 1/3 screen instead of half if that makes a difference. Thank you for your help!

You need the end to be the forward vector of you camera not the weapon

Thanks for the tip! I got it close, but I noticed the aim is still off when I look at the ground. Does this look right?

What’s that value that you are adding to the (Location + (forward vector * length))?
I don’t think that you should add that.

I did that to center the shot in the crosshairs. When I had the values all at 0 there was an offset between the two. Even with the adjustment I still notice the shot is off when the character is looking down, though.