Making Level

Hi can anyone recommend me any good tutorials for making levels.

Thanks in Advance,

it all depends on your aim. if your looking to learn the super basics of making a level and using the engine then i would go with the tutorials from epic on their youtube page (they recently changed the video tutorials link on this sight so i dont know a easy way to find them). beyond that it really depends on what your looking for. theres so many aspects to level design and many tutorials are about specific aspects so it makes it difficult to recommend one. in this type of situation google is your best friend. ill link a few different videos below to check out and from there i would say just look into all kinds of things from speed level designs, to asset pack showcase levels, to levels in your favorite games for inspiration, to even things like blender tutorials for creating scenes.

the first one is basically where i started out.

speed level---

Thx I’ll Check it out