Making Landscape Material using Material Functions

Okay, So I followed a tutorial on how to make a landscape material that automatically updates the textures based on slope and height, but I have exported a terrain from world machine with textures set as heightmaps and I am going to import a tiled world composition landscape and use the heightmaps as layer weights to tell Unreal where to put the materials. I was wondering If i could use the material functions that I made to make a Material and call the Material Functions and use them with LandscapeLayerWeight functions to tell the Material Functions where to go. So basically what I am looking for is

Material function 1 = Material_Function_Cliff
Material function 2 = Material_Function_Dirt
Material function 3 = Material_Function-Grass

Material 1 = Material_Ground

Material 1 = LandscapeCoords > MaterialFunctionCall(Cliff) > LandscapeLayerWeight(Cliff)
> MaterialFunctionCall(Dirt) > LandscapeLayerWeight(Dirt)
> MaterialFunctionCall(Grass) > LandscapeLayerWeight(Grass) > MakeAttributes Diffuse

when I try to do this in Unreal it throws an error : cannot cast Float2 as Float3

So I changed LandscapeCoords to VectorParamater and entered values 256,256,256 as Tutorial Explains to do, but it doesnt come out onto my landscape properly.

Any ideas on how to achieve this?