Making existing projects run in VR?


i have some ArchViz projects made for standard Windows gameplay. As i’m getting a Vive tomorrow, i’d like to know what needs to be done to make my projects run on it. Could i just create a new Project with the SteamVR-Template and migrate an old project to it?

Hi c0cllc,

Not sure how familiar you are with the engine yet, so I will offer a simple solution for you to hit the ground running.

I suggest you “Migrate” the VRBlueprint folder from a 4.13 VR Template blank project into your ArchViz projects. Do it with one first, and experiment with setting the MotionControllerPawn as your pawn. An easy way to start testing right away once you have Migrated those assets into the Contents folder of your target project is to enable the World Settings tab, and choose Override Game Settings, Set the Pawn to the MotionControllerPawn and then you should have blink relocation(teleportation) to get around.

BTW, Migration is done from within the UE4 Content Browser, important to note.

Also make sure to check out: (For setting up the navmesh, which is what the UE4 VR Template relies on by default to filter where one can teleport.) (VR Template Guide, includes some info about migrating to your target project as well I believe.)

Best wishes,

Thanks, your help is very much appreciated! Now i can start to experiment.

Hey there I’ve migrated the VR template into my own First Person project as mentioned above and Set the Pawn to the MotionControllerPawn in the GameMode Override and have setup a navmesh, but when I do a VR Preview for my Vive I can see my hands but none of the buttons work and therefore I can’t teleport.

Am I missing something?

I checked the Project Settings too for the key bindings am I meant to setup settings for the Motion Controller?

Also I noticed if I kept the Pawn set to First Person Character then I could navigate with the keypads on the Vive’s controllers.

Any help is appreciated.

Try exporting the key bindings from the VR template and import them in your project.

Shouldn’t they have come with the migration when I chose “Add New > Add Feature or Content Pack > Virtual Reality” from the Content Browser?

Ah ok obviously not, thanks anyhow HavocX got it working now.