Making events available in macros

We are led to believe that events don’t work in macros.

Indeed, you can’t create an event while inside a macro, and the editor won’t let you place events inside a macro, nor will it allow you to collapse a selection of nodes into a macro if that selection contains an event.

However, if you collapse a bunch of nodes (with an event) into a collapsed graph and THEN promote that graph into a macro, the event will happily reside within the macro and function as expected.

So the question is, is there a reason why we are not allowed to do this in a more straightforward way?

My main issue is that this trick doesn’t work in macro libraries, are you’re already inside a macro and thus can’t create and bind dispatcher events from there.

To answer my own question, the reason is that you can’t have several instances of an event in the same event graph (understandably).

So while the trick I mentioned for the macro would work, you wouldn’t be able to reuse that macro.

In that case it looks like the editor shouldn’t let you promote a collapsed graph to a macro if that graph contains an event.