Making decals affect only certain objects

Hello everyone.

I have a problem with decals affecting things I don’t want to. I know You can disable “accept decals” on certain objects I do not want decals to appear, but I mean is it possible to set a specific decal object to affect a specific actor only, or NOT affect specific actor? What I men (on an example) is:

  • Blood decal affecting monster, but NOT affecting wall
  • Gore decal affecting wall, and all static, but NOT affecting any monsters.

Is it possible in any way, or do I just have to scale the decals so to prevent them from overlaping objects I don’t want to affect, but this seems not exacly a good solution?

As far as I know there is no solution for this and a topic about this issue was raised almost a year ago. :frowning:

this is a bit annoying. In general, the silly thing is that EU4 is a great and powerfull professional engine, with great tools and all and on the other hand there are some issues with things that in the XXI century could be considered SO BASIC for games. This is one of them. Some others like skeletal body dismemberment and more. Well, it looks like we have to wait until they do that. All in all, it is a great engine.

This is impossible right now. The only way to control this is to change a component within a blueprint to not receive decals. If this feature is implemented, then we will be able to control components that are affected by changing the “receives decals” variable at runtime.

You can disable decal on the mesh, the magic option is “Receive decal”.
One by one but i don’t now if their is a way to globaly do it.


Yes I know that, but what I need is different. The thing I need to happen is to some decals affect skeletal meshes (like wound decals for instance) and some only static meshes (like dirt on the ground or graffiti). There isn’t a solution for that yet as far as i searched.

Unreal 3 used to do this and it was amazing. A decal actor had an array that you could add other objects to. Below that it had a drop down that you could set to include or exclude the actors in the array. It was slick and I have no clue why this isn’t how it works.

I think you can categorize actors using “Tags” and then turn on/off receive decals within blueprints only for those which will have the same tag name.

Can you show how please?