making coffee vapor particles

I’d like to know how can I make a vapor from a coffee mug with particles?
Something like these imagesşlangıca.jpg


If you check out the making of The Sameritan demo in UDK they used I believe particles and 2D planes I believe. Should be able to do similar in UE4 or make it volumetric. Also you could copy the many smoke/steam based particles that are in the engine and just play around until you get an effect you desired.

Maybe try it with a Ribbon Particle Systeme and a 2D texture

Isn’t there smoke in the included fire asset? I think you can turn off the fire and embers as I remember.

Thanks for the suggestion, I tried that but it didn’t work. I’ve found another way, using SubUV Particles.

Yes, but that smoke is more suitable for locomotive, or other steam engines. Anyway I already found a solution.

For all the people who want to know, how I made the coffee vapor:
I first found a video clip of smoke, and created two a 4 by 4 images of the smoke smoke1.png
Then I created the material smoke1.png, and converted the subUV and a single constant expression to parameters. After this I created two material instances and plugged the two images.

In the particle system, I created two particle emitters and plugged the two instance materials. I then played with the various settings to get the right velocity, lifetime, initial size… (I won’t get into details).

You can download the particle system here (just extract this zip file in your project’s content folder):

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Flow maps are good for this kind of thing, but a little advanced.

There’s a great tutorial series on them here: