Making blueprints interact with a material

hi, I am trying to work on a day night cycle. Specifcally I want there to be a texture for an aura around the sun at sunset and sunrise. However The oras visibility needs to be controlled by the sun light rotation.

What i think i want to do is, Change the opacity of the material based on the rotation of the sun.

How would I change the opacity of a material using blueprints and materials.

like lets say, if the rotation of the sun is greater than 180 degrees. set the opacity of the material to 0. Or something like that? Anyone go any ideas on how to achieve this or, a better way to achieve the end goal? Plz and thanks

Take a look at this tutorial: You can do it with material parameters :slight_smile:

Okay so i have my day night cycle set up, It works by having different spheres around the place, and changing opacity to the different spheres…One sphere for day, On sphere for sunrise, sunset, and Night, .

However, When the Skylight samples from the day and night, It only samples from the 1st sphere. Because the 3rd, sphere ( Night) and 2nd Sphere ( Sunrise) Are farther than the the “Sky distance Threshold” On the Skylight.

So Instead I want to know if there is a way to have one material, and one sphere that merges from the different textures of day, night, Dawn Dusk. I’m not sure if there is something to do that. Anyone got any ideas?

You can download the sample project I have linked below in my signature, it includes a day/night cycle using a single sphere & material controlled by parameters & Color Curves. Everything is controlled by the BP_SkyDome blueprint in the Sky folder.

Let me know if you have any trouble with it but it should just work, and you can migrate the “Sky” folder over to your own project. :slight_smile:

Alright, Il check it out> Are you talking about the "Community WIP Ocean and Weather System? Or is there another link you forgot to send.

Yep that’s the one, it has a Skydome & WIP weather, and an ocean if you want, but have a look at the Sky folder, it has everything you need!

that was fast, Thx so much good sir!