Making AI Chase things other than Players?

This should work which makes me think your Other Character is None. How do you set it? Can you confirm it’s not None?



The OtherCharacter in your BP is just a variable and until you explicitly set it it will have value of None. Now you cannot plug a level-spawned/placed actor directly to a BT node because Behavior Trees are level-agnostic. You need to either figure out a way to give BT node ways of reading this data at runtime (and if you don’t know where to start I’d suggest following more basic BT tutorials first) or use other means of controlling your AI.

(Skip to end to see my behavior tree and event graph specifics)

I’m following this tutorial: Creating AI in UE4 Part 2 - Sight - YouTube which creates a behavior tree for AI to see and follow the player. And around 16:24 he sets player character as the target actor to be followed for the blackboard key selector
Anything else I put in that value slot hasn’t produced any results, the AI just stands still as if it has no target
How do I make it so that the AI can move towards something BESIDES the player character?
I can get it to sense a different trigger to begin the chase (By replacing Get Player Character at 4:38 with whatever actor I want the AI to see first before chasing) BUT I can’t seem to change the chase target to anything other than the player - Behavior Tree - Inside of the Visioncheck

So I’m very new to this and am not sure what it is I’d need to set exactly so I provided this screenshot to see if I’m even on track:

Like I set the actor/object to something in the world - I copypasted the default thirdperson character with no event graph or anything in it, do I need something in it’s blueprint as well to communicate with this?

Or am I looking in the wrong place entirely, cuz I was under the impression I just needed to get a variable that refers to an object and plug it in though I figure the ‘get player character’ provides more information than just the object (if i change the player character to another object the ai will then read it so it’s just things the player isn’t possessing.