Making a texture more detailed as you get closer

I need to know how to make a mountain texture stay the same size when you are far away but make it have more detail when you are closer. By that some of the mountain textures I am using look amazing from a distance but when you get closer they become blurry. Ive seen about a dozen tutorials showing how to eliminate tiling, I tried using the starter content materials, I am not getting what I desire and I know its possible.

I just want my texture to look just as good up close as it does far away. Does anyone know how to achieve this or can point me in the direction of something that would be able to assist?

These three links will guide you:

Thanks for the reply, The first one looks like its for texturing an object, which is going to come in handy in the future thanks! The second one looks like its for UDK but I am assuming it would be the same node set up? and the third one does not load anything.

nevermind, the third one finally loaded, I am taking a look now.

You’re awesome, Just needed some direction and you provided it. I got it looking great now! Thank you!