Making a static mesh an AI

I’m using blueprints, the ai im doing is a 2 point patrol loop from this video Basics of AI | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube But im trying to make it a static mesh, at first i just had a cone on a character bp and no skeletal mesh selected but the ai stopped working at that point. I then tried created a pawn class from some other source and making it that way and now it doesn’t even move to the first node. I was going to try and add a bone into it and just make it a skeletal mesh as a work around but idk what program to use besides maya and dont have the money. I feel like there is a simple fix for this and im just missing it. Please and thanks. I’m a beginner

I haven’t tried it, but what I would try is:
create a actor class → add your AI controller → done.

If that doesn’t work, I would create a character without skeletal mesh → give it a static mesh compoment → add the AI controller → Done.

Pretty sure I added both when its just an actor class there isnt a place to put your ai controller if i remember correctly. Also with the other one it just doesnt seem to behave the same it will only go to one path node, when theres a static mesh

Show us your blueprints and settings and maybe we can help some more. The second method that stabbedbyapanda mentions is the one I would go for. Perhaps there is a problem with collision or navigation regarding the static mesh if the behaviour has changed. Have you rebuilt the project?

Also this new thing just started happening where my static mesh is deleting nav mesh bounds volume, making holes in it. These 4 pictures are everything related to the BP i think.

The stupid pics didnt attach right