Making a smooth texture


I’m currently working on a game. So basically, I need help to apply a smooth texture over the whole wall.

In blender the wall looks like this:

But when I insert the wall(with materials on it, unwrapped) and add a texture it looks like this:

So I need help to make this wall look nice and smooth:)

Doesn’t seem you unwrapped that wall correctly.

First select the wall in blender and click CTRL+A-> Apply Scale

Then with your object selected go into Edit mode. Select all your faces and click U and choose Reset (to reset your wrong unwrap). Then click U again and choose “Smart UV Project”. This will give you a fast unwrap of your wall. In most cases you would get acceptable results with that.

If you don’t like how “auto unwrap” unwrapped it for you, then you can adjust your uv islands yourself, rotate them and fix them to however you want them.

Thank you very much! My mistake was:

  1. I didn’t do Scale
  2. I just selected all in Edit mode and pressed Unwrap.

Now the textures look awesome thank you very much !

Awesome, glad it worked!