Making A River and Waterfall

I using the landscape tool as I type (which I love the landscape tool). But in the scene I need a waterfall which flows into a river. I was looking for a tutorial on water creation and did not find one (found one for still water). Can someone to the direction I need to go? or does anybody have any ideas on what my first move. I have studied the material blueprint for the ocean and lake water which comes with the starter content, but I just don’t see the starting point I should be seeing.

Try using the Landscape Splines-

Create a mesh that you map your water surface on, put a panner node on it and maybe a depth fade to control the shore edges. Just remember- most water is NOT crystal clear, especially a moving river will be brown or dark. You’ll want some kind of surface film on there to catch the movement too.

I don’t know how great that is going to be, it will probably require a lot of tweaking. If you start to get something you like I would create a custom static mesh because you will have more control over that.

Also take a look at this thread -> Water Flowing - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums There I have posted a material setup for a waterfall (was made in UDK) :slight_smile:

Thanks guys this helps a lot. I am really starting to get a really good grasp on the unreal but as soon as I do, I find something new and learn it (wash scrub rinse repeat). I already have the foam effect pre-made and Particles in mind for spray. I also had a feeling I had to use the spline function to actually run the mesh for the materail. but this opened up room for editing. thanks again