Making a particle attract to a player

I have a coin burst particle effect that generates from a pickup and I am trying to work out the best way to get the particles to go into the player after they have burst. I have tried the different attractor modules within cascade but have been unable to get it to work as intended.

Everything I have been looking at leads me to think that Point Gravity is the way to go but it doesn’t seem to attract to the player’s world location when I set the vector parameter.

You can set the attractor to work with player positions by setting the attractor to world space (check box) and then make sure you check the box for scaling velocity.

Set the world position of the attractor to an Instance Parameter so you can modify it once the FX are spawned.

In Blueprint retrieve the player world location, and store that as a vector, then pass that vector into the world position of the attractor.

Make sure that the radius of the attractor is large enough to account for the distance from your pawn and emitter actor when spawned. (i.e. make it really massive to test)

This is the exact technique I used for the Zen Garden app we shipped for iOS on iPhone6 when all of the Butterflies flock to your touch input location.

Hey sorry for the delay, I only just came back to working on this but that did the trick. Ta very much!

in 4.14 there is no option to add a parameter when right clicking on a point attractor module… am i missing something?

I was just struggling with the Point Attractor to use a Vector Perimeter for location, and I couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t work for well over an hour. It appears that you MUST set “DPM_Direct” in all 3 settings under Param Modes for it to accept a new location. If you don’t, it will always head for 0,0,0 even if you setup the Vector Parameter under your Particle FX in the actor correctly. It says so in the guide (way at the bottom!), but for some reason, even after looking at it 10 times, I kept missing that part. SUPER IMPORTANT!