Making a material get darker towards the edges

Hi guys,

Im very new to materials in general but i was wandering if anyone had an idea of how to make a material get darker towards the edges what i am trying to make is have grass in my landscape get darker where it transitions to another material like stone or water similar to how the artist has painted grass in the following image.

I tried tying it to a fresnel but while it works the problem is its a fresnel effect and ofcourse changes with the camera which isnt really what i want. i was told a depth fade would prob work but im also unsure of how to hook that up since it needs to be a translucent material and not landscape.

Any help would be awesome

so just incase anyone else sees this and has the same question as Juice said this is exactly what i needed it to do though the image has really exaggerated examples basically now when i draw grass(the lava fire) towards the edge it puts dark grass(actual grass) instead of just a general fall off to the road(woodplanks) the reason it needed to be automated like this is because the idea of drawing a dark edge around any part the grass starts to transition would be a pain anyway hope it helps others and thanks again guys :slight_smile: