Making a game just c++

I have been developing a game in cocos2dx for a year. Here is a early video

game alpha demo

The only reason I didn’t jump into unreal is that I don’t want to be using blueprint, visual programming ,etc… I want to have full control of the game architecture just writing code.
I read from other topic that you can’t escape blueprints. You have to combine c++ and blueprints. Is this really like that? My games are 2d pixel art games, and unreal is interesting because the community is hugh and there is a lot of support.
But I don’t think I will go for unreal if I get program the entire game in code.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advanced

Well, there’s difference between Blueprints and Blueprint Visual Scripting.
Blueprint is simply a reusable object with some settings which you can place on scene.

You can write everything in C++, then create blueprints for each C++ Actor simply for modifying exposed UProperties, selecting right meshes, tweaking parameters which is very tedious and time consuming to do and change in code.
You probably don’t want to recompile each time you want to change Player speed, that’s why you need blueprints.
Everything else can work through C++.

UMG supports BP bindings for UI elements, and I would recommend doing UI in blueprints, because it’s quick and easy, but if you don’t want to you can probably do that in code.

I see.
Thanks for the feedback. I think I will stick for now with cocos2dx. It is just me, I don’t like the workflow of having to jump between code and an editor even if it is just so use blueprints. I understand your point, but I prefer a 100% code based engine.

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