Make water in UE4, or port from blender?

Hi, so I’m needing to make water for a level I’m making.p, and just found out to my dismay that there is no water material in UE4. I’m considering making it from scratch in the node system, but would there be any pros to making it in blender? Because I’m considering doing that as well.

Hey BrazenDoors,

I don’t know if you want to do a physics simulation for making your water (Its not worth the pain ^^ Too much recources are needed for a realtime simulation.) but id recommend following the tutorial bellow… It shows a fairly simple way of doing it with a plane.

And then do a post process volume below where you define the colors and effects you have underwater…

That should do it…


2 water materials in starter content ( I think) M_water_lake & M_water_ocean

A quick way to get water physics is create a Physics Volume - check bool to simulate water physics