Make two emitters expire at the same time(Niagara)

Hello everyone,

I recently started learnining the Niagara particle system and I am not sure how to achieve a specific result.
I have a blueprint actor with a niagara component and at specific times I activate/deactivate the particle system.

The issue I have is that the emitters in the particle system dont deactivate at the same time and I have one emitter going earlier that the other .

From what I understood that’s because the lifetime of these two particle systems doesn’t match and when deactivate gets called the system with the smaller lifetime goes off first.

My setup is as follows, I have an emitter which is something similar to small spheres flying in a circle motion and the second emitter has a ribbon effect creating trails behind the spheres path.

I have created a location event which the second emitter with the ribbon effect receives and creates the trails.
Unfortunately it’s not possible to make them have the same lifetime as the ribbon effect then covers almost everything else.

In order to make them deactivate at the same time should I do anything with the on death effect?

Thank you for your help in advance!