Make textures cover a landscape

Hello everyone, so recently I made a landscape in World Machine and decided to make the textures Lerp at a certain distance. It worked fine but I had this problem every time I would apply the material, it only applies itself to a small square of the landscape (in photo). This landscape is pretty big (50 x 50 km in World Machine) and the textures originally applied fine before I added in the Lerp. Anyone know how to fix this?

You can see the lerp effect in the first photo:

I have tried to build the lighting (I was desperate), but nothing happened.

I’m willing to get rid of the Lerp if I have to, cause I have never used Lerp with the Layer Blend if it makes a difference

Ok, so after a day of no help, I decided to focus on finding a solution. It was actually pretty simple, all I did was change the Sampler Source to wrapped in the texture samples. You use this when you have more than 15 textures, which I didn’t think I had, but it worked perfectly so I hope this helps anyone in the future!