Make SWindow that is 'always on top'


I want to create a program/app (not a game) and use Slate widgets displayed in the window which is always on top. Not only on top of other Slate windows but also other native OS windows.

Is it even possible right now in Slate? If so where do I start? If not, can I put widgets in native OS window?

Any hints appreciated.

Ok, so topmost thing was actually quite easy. Now, I’d like to make that window to be transparent but keep it’s content opaque, how can I do that?

Could you post your solution as to how you got an SWindow to always be on top? I haven’t been able to figure it out.

To answer the original question, you can get a slate window to always be on top quite easily. Here is the relevant code when creating a new window.

	auto Window = SNew(SWindow)
		.Title(LOCTEXT("WindowTitle", "ArchVizTools"))
        .IsTopmostWindow(true) // <------ Makes the window always stay on top
		.ClientSize(FVector2D(200.0f, 600.0f))

Nevermind figured it out and posted the answer.

Hi, Is there a way to make window always stay on top at Runtime? Somethings like SetOnTopmostWindow(true). Thanks.