Make something unaffected by Post Process?

Hi guys, i have a laser beam particle effect attached to my player in the components. With my post processes turn off i can see it, but when they are on i can see any of it :L
So how do you generally make something unaffected by post processes?

I’d first figure out exactly why it disappears if I were you. Is it the AA? Is it due to different brightness/contrast? Etc. What part exactly affects your particle?

Hi Hourences (Huge fan of your work btw).
i have scouted through all of the post process options and found that its my blencables material thats causing the problem.
I downloaded it on here from another forums member.
its called SobelEdge.
Any clues as to how i can exclude my laser from this?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Do you have a link to the SobelEdge thread, or some pictures of what it does and how it is set up?

This is where i got the blendable material…

this affects many other of my materials as well as… really need to find a way to exclude my laser and other materials from this sobel blendable material

Many Thanks

Looks nice.

On the far right - - is a SceneColor. What happens if you put that to PostProcessInput0 ?

It may be best otherwise to check with the original author. I don’t have the time right now to download it and try.

Wow, yes this worked. Thanks you very much Mr Hourences, you’re a star! :smiley:

Solus looks great btw :wink: