Make screen flicker as a power up

Hello everyone,

im making my very first game and it’s a endless runner. The theme is horror based so im trying to make the powerups and items to avoid fit the theme. Other games have little magnet powerups that help you collect coins as such. What i’m currently trying to figure out is a way to make a “bad powerup” that you are trying to avoid, but if you do touch it, makes the entire screen flicker or at least the runway flicker. Im having trouble as im not to sure where to start. Any help is appreciated! I’m still new at this. I attached a blueprint of my magnet powerup, maybe itll be something similar to that?

@TheEnderGrim I’d say two methods to look at. One is mess around with the directional light ( make it flicker ), the other is use a postprocess. There’s often an asset on offer or free that does this, but not at the moment, typically…