Make post process settings node has 0 inputs

Created (and recreated on a blank project). In any blueprint, the node “make post process settings” (which should make a PostProcess struct) has 0 inputs.

Additionally, split struct pin under the “Set Settings” node for a post process volume collapses irregularly. I assume they are the same issue.

Images included for completeness. First shows the nodes in question (and the expected inputs on the far right). The second shows when you split “Set Settings”

I believe the short answer to this is that there are no inputs due to the sheer size of the post process struct. There’s an output for when you manually enter the post process values and return them (Picture #1), but no easy way to plug inputs manually into the struct via flow.

Hey rnerlin-

If you select the Make PostProcessSettings node and expand the drop downs in the details panel, you will see a number of checkboxes. Checking these boxes will add the associated input pin to the Make node. The same can be done from a Break PostProcessSettings node to get the values of your PPS as outputs.