Make Physics Handle time independent

First of all, hello hub! I come here with a simple but yet complicated question, that being, how do I make the PhysicsHandle independent from the Global Time Dilation? In my game, I use the physics handle to have a telekinesis like power. I also have the power to stop time, this sets the global time dilation to the minimum clamped value (0.0001 if I recall correctly) and lerps the player time dilation to 10000 to make the player run at “normal time”. The handle adapts its delta time to the player delta time (checked by duplicated C++ handle), and it works fine UNLESS I set the soft linear and/or angular constraints. This options make it impossible to “defrost” the linear movement and the angular movement respectively. I have tried overriding pretty much all functionality of the default handle in my custom handle. So far, no luck. I’m guessing is PhysX related work, but I cannot understand why it happens with the constraints options on, how it works on the inside, and as such, possible solutions to this. Feel free to ask for any screenshot/logs/code you´d like. Thanks!