Make particles flow towards specific points

I’ve been trying to make a particle emitter that spends out particles moving towards a specific point set in world space, specified by a parameter that i can communicate with in blueprints. I from what i could find, It looks like i have to use an Attractor, based off of [this][1]. When i right click the Point attractor (or any of the attractor options), theres no option “set up particle parameter” option like there is for Scale Color / Life.

Am i missing something or is this simply not possible the way im trying it?
Heres what i’m looking at

Here is the full method:

This was the tutorial i tried to follow earlier. I could not get the point attractor parameter to communicate with any BP. It cant be made into a parameter like Scale Color (as used in the Epic provided tutorial), and set vector parameter doesn’t seem to communicate to the particle. Any ideas?

i’m having the same problem… what is happening? did you ever figure this out?