Make (meta = (BindWidget)) work with Widget Animations

Currently when creating User Widgets in C++, you can define certain child-widget components (for example UTextBlock, UScrollBox etc.) that will automatically bind based on the variable name, which is great for setting up pre-defined behaviour in C++.

Would it be possible to extend this auto-binding functionality to Animations as well based on name? This would be great for being able to bind functions to the OnStarted / OnFinished delegates of animations, or play them from C++ etc without having to create an event which you then implement in Blueprint.


Hey ,

I have submitted a feature request for you. You can follow it here:

Hi! As for today this feature is still non-existent so I made a pull request:


What happened with this? still nothing :frowning:

i think this video will be helpfull. How to Spawn/Create Widget in Unreal Engine C++ - YouTube