Make & Maintain Framerate! "Technical Postmortem for Robo Recall, and Beyond!" by Nick Whiting

Earlier this year, we released Robo Recall for the Oculus Rift and Touch. During the development process, we spent a lot of time adding features, optimizations and functionality to Unreal Engine. All those changes are now in UE4, and we’re glad to have had the opportunity to battle-test our VR support with Robo Recall.

As you all know, regular profiling and optimization are critical for adequate performance on VR and AR platforms. We spent a ton of time in our profiling tools to ensure we were always on the mark regarding performance on the min-spec. Technical Director for VR and AR Nick Whiting has built and given a presentation outlining our techniques for this, and we’re glad to share it publicly with the UE4 development community today.

Download the Powerpoint and PDF versions of the presentation here]( and learn what’s soaking up your budget.


Thanks Chance! I like having access to the PowerPoint presentation.

Similarly, would it be possible to get access to the PowerPoint/PDF of the UE4 Performance and Profiling from Unreal Dev Day Montreal 2017 ? I find it very invaluable, on the same topic of optimizations.


Just to make sure that I understand slide 14 correctly…
Is this recommended because TG_DuringPhysics is run in parallel with render thread? As opposed to TG_PrePhysics which is blocking start of the render thread?

Is this presentation also available in video? I’m very interested in all the technical details, as I’m having trouble getting my VR game to run at a stable 90 fps

Yes! This is up on Oculus’ YouTube account here

Can’t wait when we’re at a point that a post-mortem for the migration to the Quest can be released. Super curious!

If you come across this thread and are curious about this you can check out this talk from the developers who ported the game from PC to Quest:


Is the documentation for Robo Recall mod tools still out there somewhere? All the links seem to be broken for it. I’m using RR to learn more about VR implementation and what Epic did to overcome some hurdles. I know this is a very old thread, but it was pinned so i figured i would try. Thanks you!