Make light not affect material?

Is there a way in Unreal Engine to achieve that a light doesn’t affect the illumination (Material) of a StatIcMesh? I don’t know how to say this in English, since english is not my native language and i’m not an expert with lighting and materials. I will try to explain, what i want to achieve. I have a very small room, with 2 or 3 lights and a StaticMesh. If i pickup his StaticMesh (In VR) and get closer to the light with it or rotate it, i don’t want the illumination of that StaticMesh to change. Let’s say i have a simple Material, which is basically just lightgreen and i hold the StaticMesh that is using this Material very close to the light. The side of the StaticMesh that is close to the light gets more white, the closer i get to the light source. The opponent side gets darker and if the angle is right, the opponent side is even black. How can i prevent this, so that the Material basically doesn’t change and it’s always illuminated in the same way, even if i get closer to the light or move the StaticMesh?

you can change the light channel of a light and the light channel of the mesh.
making it possible to light a mesh from A + B. While another mesh is only A or B.