Make it night

I can’t find documentation or tutorials on how to make it night with decent lighting (not pitch black). Is there a way to change the position of the sun? All documentation I found is for making a day/night cycle, not just night by making the sun go down. When I try to change the position of the sun, the number value returns to default. Please help.

If all you want is night time and no sun at all then get rid of the directional light. Place an atmospheric fog and a movable skylight into the level > set the atmospheric fog’s Default Light Color to dark blue and update the skylight. Or you can use a night time HDRI map and put it in skylight, then use it for lighting and reflections.

Thanks I’ll try that. So why can’t the Sun position value be changed?

If you are talking about the default sky BP then i dont know, i havent used it for a while now. But you can achieve what i suggested with a blank project as well.

There is another Skydome system that has working day/night cycles you can get from this tutorial (download files included), it allows you to change the sun angle based on time of day.

For the default sun, the only way to change its position is to select it in your scene outliner, then use the rotation tool in the viewport to change the angle.

You can change the position of the sun by rotating the directional light that is linked to the sky.