Make flying pawn with replication with prediction

Hello everybody, i would like to make a pawn (with procedural component as root), this pawn is a fly. And i would like to move this pawn on a multiplayer game. I have a dedicaded server.

If i move my pawn on server with : AddActorLocalOffset(FVector delta), ok i can replicate this, but we see the fly “jumping” on client. We need to predicte movement on client.

So, i can use a UFloatingPawnMovement, but this movement component isn’t replicated. I found only a replicated system with prediction with UCharacterMovementComponent.

My questions :
Can i use a character instead a pawn, and with that i have a UCharacterMovementComponent ? But character has a StaticMesh and i don’t need it for my pawn.
or I need to create my custom movement component, and make some predic, but how make this replication system ? (if you have some tips, advice, tutoriel, link, etc)
or something else ?

Have a nice day !