Make color node with HSV for random material


Try to use HueShift node

When you move object, it will get random color.

I’m trying to make a blueprint (mesh) that get a random color on play and it works ok for now, the main problem is that I 'd prefer to randomize the HSV values instead of the RGB but I couldn’t find a node that allow me to do that.

Is there anything that I can use to fix that?

At the moment the event graph looks like this:

Thank you.

This could fix my problem but how can I use a random value for the saturation (HSV) and the value (HSV)?

Cause I would use this to change the color of some static meshes in the scene but I don’t want’em to look so similar, I’d like to give a random number - between a selected range - of saturation and value so they would look less alike.

You can create a material function, which convert HSV to RGB

If someone is searching for a simple a quick solution I found the function HSV to RGB which does exactly what I wanted.

Thank you for your time but I found the answer myself, it was a node that I didn’t find the first time and it works exactly as I wanted. Thank you again tho.