Make Camera Follow AIController

So, the idea here is that I have a player that needs to be moved to a location. I tried using the ‘Simple Move To Location’ node, but that wouldn’t work the way I needed it to. The way that I have gotten this to work is by unpossessing the player controller from the player, and then possessing the player with an AIController and using the ‘Move To Location’ node.

The trouble here is that I cannot get the camera to move with the player when I use ‘Move To Location’ and the AIController.

I have seen stuff online saying to disable ‘Auto Manage Active Camera’ but whenever I do that, the camera just ends up in the mid stomach area of my character. It also doesn’t make the camera follow the player with the AIController attached.

Anybody have any recommendations for this?

Usually the AI Controller doesn’t move at all but instead it uses the movement component attached to your player to move him. Since you have figured out a way to move your character I would suggest to:

  1. Create and attach a spring arm component in your Character
  2. Create a camera component in your Character
  3. Attach the camera component to the spring arm

This will ensure that your camera will follow the character at all times.

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