Make bsp brushes cast shadows on 3p character?

Is there any setting I can change to do this? I have set lighting quality to max, and rebuilt lighting. But still it wont cast any shadows on my Player character or any other 3d asset, set as “Movable”

It should be casting shadows on dynamic objects as long as your light is either Stationary or Movable

Oh I should have been more precise, sorry. The light I´m talking about is the sun light aka the “directional light” in my level. I tried to change the “diretional light” to movable aswell. But now the bsp brunshes wont cast any shadows at all.

If you are not using baked lighting you should set force No Precomputed Light Map in the World Settings and then building lighting again.

I have set the light quality to “production” The diretional light is set to “movable” and set “force no precomputed lighting” to true.

It still dosen´t work.

Can you upload a screenshot where the cast shadow isn’t working for the bsp but woking on the character? Also a screen shot of your directional lights properties with all the lighting and rendering settings expanded?