Make bone/socket of skeletal mesh reach certain point

I’m not very expirienced with animations at all, so this might be an easy task to do, but I failed to find any tutorials on this one.
How can I make my character grab a bottle from table if both of them are not in a precise position, but I make sure, that bone lengths are enough to reach bottle coordinates?

For example, bottle is somewhere on a small round table and character is near this table, faces it, but can approach it from any direction.
I have grabbing animation, which I should somehow redirect, so that palm reaches bottle location at the finishing frame, and then socket attachment sctript shoots off.

Kinda the same thing I would like to achieve with putting bottle back on the table: select random point on the circle and then reach it with putting back motion, deattaching bottle, leaving it on the table.

Is this even feasible approach or should I just position them accurately and bother not about something like this?