Make an outline when hovering over Actor


I have this Material with a glowing effect:

I want to use this to create an outline when I hover over the Actors in my level.

I’ve tried to use OnBeginCursoverOver, but I think I need a little help.

Would really appreciate it!

I migrated the M_Hightlight to my project from the “Content Examples” from Launcher/Library.

I am looking to get the same effect as accomplished in this video: Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Basic Object Outline (Interaction) - YouTube

But, I’m having a fixed perspective camera view (no character, no scrolling, no movement. I navigate the scene with the cursor. I want to show the outline effect when I hover the cursor over the Meshes in my BPActors.

What exactly with?

Does the outline effect itself work?

How do you apply the material to your level actors?

And how do you impact it?

Making an outline effect is based on PixelDepth calculation.
You can check out Tom Looman’s article on how outline effect could be implemented.
That helped me once, that’s a good read.