Make an Actor with Physic Constraints "grabable" in VR

Hi Folks,

I am running into a problem I have seen several time now in these forum but somehow it never got resolved :confused:
I am running the Epic VR Motion Controller Template with an Oculus - In this template there is the BP_PickupCube which works just as it should. Now in the same scene I have an BP Actor which consists of several static meshes that are linked with PhysicConstraints (see picture below).
I would love that one of these static meshes would be grabable by the player just similar as the BP_PickupCube WITHOUT overriding my PhsyicConstraint (e.g. You have a lamp on two arms and you can grab the lamp and move it around but only in the way the arms allow you to). I tried to add the BP Code from the PickupCube in my BP (see other picture below) but so far it does not work… I can push the object if I make a fist in VR but I can not grab it :confused:
Unfortunately due to limitations at my workplace I have no option to create “animations” or bones and joints in an external program like Maya and can only rely on tools that come with the unreal engine.