Make AI use nav mesh even if they are above or below it

Hey everyone,

I am currently working on a game where the level is made up of pillars that the player can move up and down. I have a simple AI that just follows the player using a navmesh. The problem is since the pillars can move up and down the AI is always getting stuck. I have tried a dynamic navmesh, but though the enemies can move then they are on a pillar that has been moved up or down, they won’t walk off the pillar because the edges of the pillar don’t connect with the other navmesh parts. The other option I was thinking of was just using a static, this kind of works, but the problem is they are sometimes above the navmesh or under the mesh, and once that happens they can’t move anymore. Is there a way to use a static navmesh, but have the AI ignore how far they are away form the navmesh on the Z axis?