Make a pawn follow your previous route


So this is a question I have based on a prototype idea I wanted to make.

What I want to happen:
The player (in first person view) will move throughout a small level, hit a key at some time and re-spawn at the entrance of the level. A pawn (bot/AI) will also spawn there and start to move exactly how the player moved before he re-spawned.

Is this somehow possible with blueprints? (I’ve never tried C++ coding)

Anything that would help would be well appreciated :slight_smile:

One way to do it would be to have the player set down points every so often while walking through the level the first time. When the player respawns, then AI can then use those points to make a path. The more points, the more accurate the path would be.

I haven’t experimented with how AIMoveTo or SimpleMoveTo work in regards to being inside an array. It might well be that you have to implement your own queue data structure to make it work - but it’s entirely doable in blueprints.