Make a multiplayer game with unreal and AWS

Hello Everyone! I asked a question on here before and that was, How do I make a game that is connected to a webpage via A rest api and use the GET method to display player kills and points on the page when they sign in. However with the Help of Amazon Web Services, They have service I’m thinking I can use to do this, I just need a little help getting started. They have two services. One is called API Gateway. You can make your own api. Second one is called GameLift, Where you can make a multiplayer game by importing their sdk into unreal. I want to know how to make a multiplayer game with gamelift and make a register function on the website and game (just to make it convenient for the user) to register and login. And when they go to the website and login, they will see their kills and points/scores and achievements/trophies. I want to get this done and I have tried looking online on how to do it I just couldn’t find anything. This whole idea is similar to rockstar games socialclub for GTA 5. I want to be able to do this in blueprints! NOT C++ AS I HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE IN IT. I also would like it in a step by step format if you can and/or a link to a video or something, P.S. I’ve tried the VaRest plugin and it didnt work. I want to know how to acheive this. Any help will be greatly appriciated.

Thank you guys!

I had not work with AWS, but I can give you an idea how I would do that (since I’m working on something similar):

  1. Get a web server with PHP and MySQL as a database to keep scores, kills, players info, etc. Write simple scripts in PHP that get requests and interact with the database (save/load scores, login players, etc). This works as any regular website.

  2. Use HTTP(S) functionality of UE in c++, but you can use ready to go plug-ins from Marketplace or anything you find on the Internet that can make HTTP(S) calls. As requests I would use POST with JSON format inside as a body. The same for answers.

  3. Make HTTP(S) calls to the web server to save/load scores, etc.

Thank you! It helps me a lot!