Major stuttering introduced in 4.18. For anyone else too?

A simple enough map is suddenly stuttering majorly even when just staring into a simply shaded 9 triangle wall.
This map used to run well in that area and this is a new problem that seems to have been introduced with 4.18.

‘stat unit’ reports 22ms (it really shouldn’t, and didn’t use to)
But other stat commands like cpu, game, scene rendering report low sub 11ms values.

Has anyone else got this problem too?


Might not be your problem since it started with 4.18 for you but I had major framerate issues at one point and found out it was because I installed EVGA Precision X. It has something to do with the widget menu stuff in Unreal and the editor has a ton of it always running. Killing the task and then reloading fixed the issue.

I also read somewhere the new WIndows10 Creators Update (game mode) can also introduce lag in games. Maybe do some Google-ing about that as well (if you’re using win 10 and that update)

Edit: my tip might be only useful if you experience the same problem in 4.17 at the moment as well.

Oculus or Vive? If it’s Oculus, can you try to turn off ASW and see if it gets any better?

if issue occurs while running in editor, make sure no other slate windows are open - eg persona or even a small dialog in lower left corner like “reimport assets” or something.

Any slate windows cause a massive drop in fps in pie for me.

Thanks for the suggestions! Sounds like other people didn’t get that so problem must be on my end.
I don’t use PrecisionX, run on Windows 8.1, and yes its for Oculus. I could try turning off ASW but I’ll have to figure out how to do that.
I’ll look out for any slate windows but don’t think Iv’e spotted any.

You can turn off ASW using the Oculus Debug Tool, available in the Software folder of your Oculus installation. Through the same tool you can also turn on the various Oculus diagnostic HUD’s to understand a bit better what is happening on that end (FPS, latency, dropped frames, etc.)

Nice! Thanks for the tip I didn’t know about that one!

There is a discussion going on about performance issues with the Oculus Rift since ~Nov. 17. It’s unclear whether it’s caused by the Win 10 creator update (although this doesn’t seem to be relevant to you, as you run on Win 8.1), a GPU driver update… or an Oculus firmware update. Disabling ASW appears to heal the effects a little, but overall it’s still an unsatisfying situation not to get any official statements in Oculus’ so called “support forum” on this subject:

Also note this thread about performance issues with the Oculus Rift, where the reports started in August (rather than Oct./Nov.). However, all of these observe a sudden negative impact on the experience and the reasons for it are totally in the dark… :confused:

Ah that’s interesting. Yes that time frame seems like it could match when my problems started as well.
Thanks I’ll read check those threads out.

I’ve noticed that. I’ve got W10 latest update and latest Oculus beta version… Any solution?

For the records, I just reworked an old experience on UE 4.15 and, guess what, it is also getting a bit of stutter, which it never had. It used to be fluid and now not anymore. So, assuming it is not UE4 related, I am narrowing it down to:

  • Something wrong with the most recent NVidia Drivers
  • Something wrong with one of the recent Windows update
  • Something wrong with an Oculus VR update
  • All of the above

I actually had this happen to me also in 4.17 where I was getting really poor frame rates. I ended up using DDU to uninstall my graphic drivers and reinstalled them and it fixed my issues. I am not sure if it will work or not for you, but its worth a try :slight_smile: