Major - Localization Features

Our clients are querying language localization for our future projects/contracts.

Would somebody be able to advise on the approach for this.

I have explored what is currently in UEFN and I don’t see a way to apply UE localization methods to the UEFN toolset. For example, HUD messages & billboards work as instanced actors as opposed to assets that can be controlled.

If not currently possible even via Verse, can we get an estimate on when these features would be implemented? Localization is extremely important to our clients.

I actually was just shown the localization option exists on the HUD Message Device by Snow.

This is however missing for the Billboard Device.

I will explore more and report any confusion/issues here.

Ok so far what I have found missing that we most likely need to proceed ;

  • Localization Dashboard
    I tried using the dashboard from UE5.1 and pointing “gather from packages” to a UEFN project folder with various HUD messages etc, but it could not pull a list of words.

  • String Tables

From what I understand this will be a good start just to do text localization, internationalization looks like it may be harder to achieve quickly but would be very nice.

Also these devices have localization settings for text strings;

  • Accolade
  • Button
  • Conditional Button
  • Hiding Props (Dumpster, Haybale, Portapotty)
  • Hud Message
  • Item Placer
  • Map Indicator
  • Player Marker
  • Race Manager
  • Switch
  • Timed Objective

These devices do not have localization settings ;

  • Ball Spawner
  • Billboard
  • Class Designer
  • Class Selector UI
  • Pop-Up Dialogue
  • Team Settings & Inventory
  • Tracker

These devices have incomplete localization settings;

  • Capture Area
  • End Game
  • Objective Device Gallery
  • Timer

This is a great point. We are certainly working on localization support for UEFN, this is very important, but we don’t have a firm date I can share yet I’m afraid. The current thinking is that there will be an option in the UEFN editor to export localization.

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Hi @Dig_Squid ,

Just wondering if there is any movement on this? We have another large partner project that could certainly be boosted with some basic localization on our end.


Hi. Here are two pieces of info. If it is helpful.

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Thankyou! This is very helpful!

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