Major issue with SpeedTree (video)

Hey folks,

So, I decided to make a video for explaining it more easier.

Everything is on default + added skylight.
(new level / default)
Tried both in 4.6.1 and 4.7

Lightning build on medium.

The grass is completely unusable and it’s saying drop in’ ready…

Wind is not working too :((( I’ve seen a lot of people with the same issue. But it’s haven’t found anyone able to resolve it.

I’m really eager to get more SpeedTree products, but I’m afraid their performance will be the same. Because few months ago, I’ve tried their Broadleaf, and had same issues, and everyone ensured me it’s from my side… I don’t know if it’s from UE4 side or SpeedTree, but I’m pretty sure if I write to speedtree, they’ll tell me that from their side everything is okay…

Okay, I got it fixed!!! =)

You can check the fix from @fighter5347 in the link above