MAJOR - Dialog widget buttons do no longer respond when pressed

Before todays update this worked, button pressed and it responded, and the ui closed.

After the update, when the button is pressed, nothing happens and the ui remains open and cant be closed

To replicate follow this video:

Was able to reproduce it. Did it in a live webinar, so that was fun to run into during a live tutorial.

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Yeah I’m getting the same issue, broke a main mechanic in one of my projects, thanks Epic!

Yep same prob here, did a tutorial, had a break, update came out. and now broken, there is also another bug with popup device but this is thru verse code (setDescriptiontext) so that two bugs with popup device now… hope they fix it…

Thank you for the video, we’ll get someone to take a look!


@Flak do you have any inside info of if that’ll be updated in the next coming patch? Just curious if I need to build around it as maybe it’s a couple of weeks away or if I can just wait for the next patch to be released that fixes it.

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Yes, I hope it’ll be fixed in the next near updates

I was informed we are looking into some improvements for a future update. I’ll let you know if I get more info.