Major - Dashes in mesh name upsets asset digest

Having dashes in a mesh file name corrupts xxxx.assets.verse digest causing project to not verify for cooking.

This includes emporium content.

Thanks for the heads-up Cardin. Having dashes in the name is actually not intended to be allowed as assets are intended to have their name and path represented in Verse code for direct use in scripts. This means that names/directories need to abide by the identifier rules for Verse code.

We currently enforce this for assets you make yourself in the ContentBrowser, but as you’ve pointed out we’re not properly validating this for Emporium content or just for general imports.

We’ll get it fixed up so we throw an error MUCH earlier (and that Emporium content just complies out of the box). In the meantime I’m afraid renaming your content to a compliant name is really the best solution.

The rules are fairly simple, you can use:
_ (underscore)

and the name cannot start with a number.

Thanks again for calling this out!

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