MAJOR - Creative Battle Royale maps do not support more than 1 round, it freezes the game

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Creative BR maps do not support multiple rounds. I have a pickaxe FFA game with rounds set to 100, but after 1 player remains (end round on last standing), the game freezes, see video. Round 2 kinda starts as can be seen in the video but its weird, you get kicked out shortly after

Steps to Reproduce

Not sure if this works but:

  1. Create a BR map
  2. Set Rounds to 100
  3. Start and play till round end

Expected Result

Round 2 properly starts

Observed Result

When it freezes, esc button no longer works so I can’t back out. I either have to wait 60s until this button works again or restart fortnite



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Hi, @JoeriDukker - We’ll get someone to take a look, thank you for the report.

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