Maelstrom Saga - Battle Arena (big project)

EDIT: Project released on following thread - Maelstrom Saga - Battle Arena - Download & Play - Game Development - Epic Developer Community Forums


Here’s a project that my classmates and I are working on. It’s a hack and slash boss battle arena.
You can visit to view the artwork and our portfolios.

I took part in an RPG challenge in October 2014 and finished all the artwork by December 2014, once I learned UE4 Blueprint I decided to test myself by working on this as of Christmas ultimately to make a fighting game using the RPG concept art. This is the last semester for most of us at university and we are hoping to finish this by May.

Due to work load and time constraints we also got the Fire FX and FT’s Magic Pack 01 from the market place and used it as much as possible! Thanks Epic for making awesome market place content available!

WIP Of the game:

Turn tables of the 3 character’s I’ve modelled and rigged so far (Crab boss not included)

View the concept art from the rpg challenge here:


Major Blueprint work - Includes melee character template, character/level select, boss template.

**** (myself)
Concept Art/Illustration - (Maelstrom Saga)
Rigging - (Celeste, Nemo, Lord Faust, NPCs)
Character Modeling - (Celeste, Nemo, Lord Faust, Crab + Rider, NPCs)
Animation - (Celeste, Mai, Nemo, Grim, NPCs)
Project Management
UE4 Blueprints
Game Design

Concept Art/Illustration - (Lost Forest, Tremble Town)
Character modeling - (Aura Summon,Crow)
Environment modeling - (Beach)

Concept Art/Illustration - (LostForest)
Environment Modeling/Texturing - (Lost Forest, Beach)

Character Modeling - (Mai)

Character Modeling - (Kroga)

Character Modeling - (Grim Summon)

FX Artist/Shader Artist - (Lost Forest)

Rigging - (Mai,Kroga,Crow, Aura, Grim, Crab)
Environment Modeling - (Lost Forest)

Environment Modeling - (Lost Forest, Tremble Town, Beach)
Shaders - (Tremble Town)

Environment Modeling - (Tremble Town)

Animation - (Lord Faust, Aura Summon, Kroga)

Animation - (Crow, Crab)

UI artist

Mocap stunt coordinator

Voice actor - (Lord Faust)

Super awesome…hope you guys finish it all…could be really cool…

Thanks the melee combat blueprint in this derives from your method that you shared. I employed it at the base level and built on it to create different chain combos.

Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge, it’s a gem for anyone wanting to learn hack and slash blueprints.

Heres a video showing the mechanic of the Guardian Character thats being made. I`ll post his concept art at the bottom

The spell makes him summon one of 3 lotus depending on how high his burst limit bar is.
At 25% he can summon a pink lotus, a white one at 50%, a golden one at 100%

The lotus spawn little spirits that can heal you, boost your Att, Def, or Speed on contact.
Pink lotus being the weakest summons only HP boosters, White has faster spawn rate and small chance for stat boosting spirits, Golden has highest stat boosting rate and spawn rate

If anyone knows how to make smooth ribbon trails please let me know where the settings are.


Some more WIP videos,
We used the shader made by Baldwin, he posted it on the forums a while back. You can also see our Select Screen wip here.


These are the key framed and near polished animations of the summoner, we did Mocap for her and then keyframed to get the desired results.

Here is a video showing the mocap till the animations make it into the Engine.

This is pretty cool, will be keeping an eye on this one! =)

You got a very talented team there, everything looks super awesome!

Awesome…glad the vids helped…
The Ribbon trail- check the movement tolerance, or how many you spawn…sorry I’ve deleted all of my ribbon particles and switched to anim trails instead…

Super awesome videos and I’m jealous of the mocap …once again I really hope you all finish this, I’d buy it…

Thanks everyone,

I realized the issue in the ribbon trails, I forgot to remove initial velocity. Also we aren’t far from finishing this game, ultimately we’re going to finish it in time to start applying for jobs. Once it’s done it will be free to download on the UE forums.

The mocap experience was pretty intense, the final animations had to be heavily keyframed and the mocap was essentially for for timing of the limbs and weight shifting. We used ipiSoft for the mocap work.

I’ll post another video soon of the brawler mocap certainly and the bladesman mocap if my team member still has the files.

Would be nice if you could upload the BP image with in a readable resolution, otherwise what’s the point of it?

Sure I’ll upload it today, I had put those as previews as I’m still tweaking them and was hoping to post a more final polished version. I’ll make a video that guides through the templates too.

Loving the art style here! Keep it up :slight_smile:

hey folks,

Didn’t get the chance to make a blueprint video, I forgot I had other school work to do XD, however I worked on the turtle character’s mechanics and here’s what it’s like so far

Warning: Horrible quality video I do what I can on my PC XD

Turtle spell Void Mantra, summons a black lotus that spawns spirits that track and damage the enemy
Basically a turret blueprint, fun to make since it targets bosses based on the level that’s been selected


I was asked to make a Tutorial on the how I approached the Character Design for Maelstrom Saga a while back. I’ll share it here if anyone is interested, enter 0 for price to get it for free.

As for the blueprints there’s a ton of stuff but if there’s anything from this list anyone wants to know, you can write about it and I’ll make a brief video explaining as best as possible:

Character/Level Select
Melee Character Template
Range Character Template
Melee Boss Template

If anyone knows how to activate an animation trail in blueprint let me know, looked around and found nothing concrete on the Web

WOW! This is some amazing work. The art direction looks really good. I too would like to see your blueprints for the combo system. I’ve pretty much used what President did, but simplified it. Hope to be playing this soon.

Sure I’ll show the quick attacks to smash attacks combo system, gonna record a video asap

If anyone knows how to activate an animation trail in blueprint let me know, looked around and found nothing concrete on the Web

Not exactly sure what you mean but if you mean a trailing effect for weapons? Then i would attach a particle effect to a weapon socket and enable it on hit.