Made a VIVE Archery demo in UE4

Just like the two modes in holopoint, wish you guys enjoy it.


Nice pretty good start there. Once the string pulls back with it should look pretty good!

Pretty sick. How long did it take?

Thank you. I am just trying to add that.:cool:

About eight hours maybe. My first project of VIVE, so I think it took longer than needed.

added some bow animation

it’s looking good :slight_smile:

This is great! I’ve really been struggling to make something just like this.

This is pretty neat. Below is a video of me testing it in my game. I added a Radial Force to the arrow so it can destroy the meshes. fengkan you don’t mention in your original post but are you releasing this for others to use royalty free?

I am glad that you like it. The video is very interesting. And yes, the blueprints is free to use.

@fengkan Been messing around with your stuff, splendid work ! Got one question though, have you been playing with arrow collisions. I know they have physics enabled while in hand (R Trigg), however once you pull them out and shoot they keep going through walls and floor interacting only with any actor set to “Physics Actor”/“Destructible Mesh”. I even tried to set the room meshes to same properties as dynamic objects however no luck. Any insight would be much appreciated.